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Supporting clients through decades of market,
regulatory and generational changes.

We provide sound judgment and sensible advice to our clients.

An AV-Preeminent firm as rated by our peers in the Bar, Fishback Dominick holds Martindale-Hubbell’s highest rating in competency and ethical standards. All our equity partners are AV-Preeminent rated. Four of our attorneys achieved the Florida Bar’s recognition as Board Certified specialists in City, County and Local Government Law — a distinction shared by less than one-half of 1% of Florida lawyers.


While we enjoy the accolades, it’s our legacy of clients that make us the most proud.

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Our Past

Ben Fishback founded the firm in 1935, during the midst of the Great Depression. Originally from Kentucky, Mr. Fishback had a reputation as a humble, story-telling man who also was a strong, general-business attorney. He was famous for his ability to apply unusual approaches to cases in order to win them.


Working out of an office at the corner of Washington and Rosalind Avenues, Fishback Dominick’s first partners created a family-like atmosphere. They were practical, smart, respected and had no tolerance for “slackers.” Among the firm’s first clients was ABC Fine Wine and Spirits, which the firm continues to represent after over 80 years. Among the firm’s public clients, Fishback Dominick began representing the City of Belle Isle in 1972, and does so to this day.


Mr. Fishback’s practice grew in tandem with Central Florida. He served businesses and families that rose in prominence as Orange County evolved from a citrus- and cattle-based economy into an international business and hospitality destination.

By the 1960s, the firm’s partners included Julian Dominick, a results-oriented probate attorney; Charlie Davis, a hard-driving, hard-working high-expectations partner; and John Bennett, who was instrumental in mentoring current partners such as Kurt Ardaman. Through the years, Fishback Dominick became expert in the areas of law governing real estate, land use and development, eminent domain, local government regulations, alcoholic beverage rules and business expansion — all endeavors that were instrumental in the growth of Central Florida into the metropolis we know today.


Both Mr. Fishback and Mr. Dominick practiced law with the firm until the end of their lives. Mr. Fishback died in 1983 at the age of 90. Mr. Dominick passed in 2003 at the age of 79.

Our Present

The partners of Fishback Dominick draw on the firm’s legacy, experience and ongoing relationships – cultivated across eight decades – to serve our clients today. Our core values have never wavered. And, just as importantly, we’ve never lost the personal relationship aspect of our practice.


We reflect the community we serve: Rich in history and forever growing and adapting to our environment. Fishback Dominick has supported clients through countless market, regulatory and generational changes and continues to stay close to our communities, developing new relationships and serving Central Florida’s newest businesses and residents.


As city attorneys for the City of Winter Garden, we support sustainable development in fast-growing west Orange County. In that role, we’ve helped create the legal framework for its vibrant revitalized Downtown Historic District. And, our work in southwest Orange County ultimately led to a groundbreaking statewide model for large scale regional planning that ensures adequate public facilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of new development. Our influence on the planning of 23,000 acres of rural, agricultural lands has resulted in more sustainably-planned, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented communities that are among the fasted-growing neighborhoods in Florida.


Today, as in 1935, when you hire Fishback Dominick, you’re not employing a single attorney, but a firm akin to a family – one made up of lawyers who are accessible and willing to meet their clients’ needs.



Our Future

Each week an estimated 1,500 people move to Central Florida. For Fishback Dominick, that means the firm can look forward to helping both local governments and businesses evolve to meet the requirements of an ever-growing community.


From the days when the economy relied on orange groves and herds of cattle to becoming the No. 1 tourist destination in the United States, Central Florida has relied on the help of Fishback Dominick. We will carry on giving the advice and counsel necessary for the community we love to continue growing and evolving into a hub for business and hospitality.


From a single hard-working Kentucky lawyer, to a world-class firm with top-rated attorneys, Fishback Dominick will always fight diligently for its clients – all the while maintaining a culture of personal relationships that has sustained the firm for more than 80 years.